Da Vinci Casaneo XS. Three mini pals with great possibilities.

The awesome people at Gregory Daniels Fine Arts kindly sent me a pack of the new DaVinci Casaneo XS. Three mini brushes made from extra soft synthetic fibers. But don’t let their 5.5’ length fool you. They can do more than you would expect.

The Casaneo XS line offers 3 different tips, a #10 flat, a #8 round, and a #10 sword with a beautiful black polished handle and a silver ferrule. They are a delight. Their portability and light weight are perfect for plain air. You can fit them in any medium-size watercolor tin or even a small pencil case. Still, I’d suggest keeping their plastic caps on while carrying them around to protect their delicate tips. 

Their synthetic fibers exceptionally mimic the performance of a squirrel brush. Which are my all-time favorites -in their synthetic version, of course. They have outstanding water/pigment retention with a soft snap. They are ideal for wet on wet techniques when you need to work fast. Having a brush that can hold oceans of paint and is soft on the paper is just a perfect match.

This set is very versatile. You can cover large areas of your painting with the round brush. Achieve very precise strokes with the flat one. And gracious bushes, leaves, and greeneries with the sword. These three mini brushes would be your perfect companion for any plain air adventure or at your studio when you want to use a few materials. Just grab your tiny friends, some paint tubes, and voila!

I painted a demo using the set. Please click here to check it out.

I’d love to know your thoughts about these brushes and any suggestions or requests for further reviews. Please contact me using the form below.

All the opinions are my own. I was not paid to do this review.

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